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FlowCon's Climate Account

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, GHGP, divides indirect and direct emissions into scopes. At FlowCon, we initially consider the cradle-to-gate concept. Cradle-to-gate refers to upstream, meaning from supplier to FlowCon and FlowCon’s internal production and operation.

Scope 1: Direct emissions from operating activities directly handled by FlowCon (gas and diesel)
Scope 2: Indirect emissions from supplied energy (electricity and district heating)
Scope 3: Other indirect emissions from operating activities not directly handled by FlowCon (production and transportation from raw material over material processing and machining to semi-finished goods delivered at FlowCon).

It is FlowCon’s decision to include all manufacturing activities under scope 3 to eliminate the impact of insourcing and outsourcing on year-to-year comparison.

...devoted to reduce CO2 footprint
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...devoted to reduce CO2 footprint
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...devoted to reduce CO2 footprint
- Scope 1 and 2


...devoted to reduce CO2 footprint
- Scope 3



FlowCon is devoted to reducing our carbon footprint.

With our commitment to the Paris Agreement, our registered Science Based Target is obligation to reduce absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions 30% by 2030 from a 2018 base-year, and to measure and reduce our relative Scope 3 emissions.


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