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Sarthe Cancer Center, Le Mans, France

Center of Excellence combining expertise, innovation, comfort, and humanity - in the fight against cancer.

The new cancer center in Le Mans will be a joint venture between Le Mans hospital center, the Victor-Hugo clinic (ELSAN Group) and the Jean-Bernard specialized care center. Together, these distinct businesses will join up and share the one and same specialized cancer facility.

The project is divided over two building blocks, where block 1 will bring together the technical platforms and the radiotherapy medicine department on 10.800 m2. This block will increase local treatment capacity by almost 50%. The second block is a design-and-build covering a 9.000 m2 of new cancer hospital which will open for patients in January 2023. It will offer 75 beds in accommodation and 64 places in day hospital which is a regional increase of more than 10%.

This ambitious project will bring together in one unit the most modern healthcare teams and equipment for excellent medical care of cancers. It will facilitate access to innovative treatments, integrate innovative support care and highlight therapeutic cancer trials at international level. Next to this, focus is on generating awareness and education activities on cancer.



For the heating and cooling fan coil units, the FlowCon Green was chosen. This pressure independent balancing and control valve, PICV, is used in both blocks. The Green range is special due to its unique insert solution. This will help in all stages of the project, from design, over construction to commissioning and in the future 
also maintenance. In fact, here the valve housing was supplied and installed first. Later, after flushing the system, the inserts and actuators were delive-red and installed. This resulted in split costs for the contractor, but also a fast and trouble-free commissioning phase.

Project Configurations

Project name: Centre de Cancérologie de la Sarthe
Project management: Legendre (leader), TLR, Oteis, Itac, Ineo and Axima
Architect: TLR
Contractor: Legendre Construction
Valve model and quantity: 370 x FlowCon Green DN15
Application: New buildings
FlowCon distributor: LRI SODIME
Date of inauguration: Block 1 Q3 2022 and Block 2 Q4 2022
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