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Al-Masa Towers, New Alamein City - Egypt

Egypt’s largest hospitality hotel plays a central part of the new coastal paradise.

New Alamein City is one of several new cities the Egyptian government is constructing to draw investments and boost tourism and the economy. But this city is so much more - it is characterized as an achieving sustainable urban development and will be Egypt’s first sustainable city. It is located on Egypt’s Northwest coast and will in the future host over 6 million residents.

Directly located on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, one will find the new Al-Masa Resort and Hotel or the Al-Masa Towers. The project consists of six interconnected towers that contain a total of 1500 hotel rooms and suites, residential rooms, and meeting rooms. It is in fact the largest hospitality hotel in Egypt. Each tower is 23 floors high above ground + a basement level and covers a total area of 182.000 m2. Towers 1 and 2 are a luxury hotel and towers 3 through 6 are residential towers with hotel-serviced apartments. 



With high focus on energy-savings and easy commissioning, FlowCon PICVs were the obvious choice and with the local expert involvement of our Egyptian partner, HumiTech Engineering and Trading, pre-assembled and pre-tested By-Pass Assemblies were delivered. This provided ease du-ring installation as well as being the perfect flushing and commissioning solution to the contractor. All FCUs were fitted with this plug’n’play solution including the PICV FlowCon Green. And for the HEXs and cooling towers the PICV FlowCon SM, were selected. 

With FlowCon HVAC valves fitted, system is automatically optimized, and indoor temperatures controlled. This provides better human comfort, will keep energy consumption low and reduced CO2 emissions - completely in line with the climate direction set for the entire urban project.

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Project Configurations

Project name: Al-Masa Towers
Client: Ministry of Defense, Finance Department
Consultant: ECG, Engineering Consultant Group S.A., Egypt
Contractor: Orascom Construction
Valve model and quantity: 5000+ FlowCon By-Pass Assemblies incl. flex hoses, FlowCon Green and FlowCon SM
Application: New building
FlowCon distributor: HumiTech Engineering and Trading
Date of inauguration: Q2/2021
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