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New FlowCon FT Actuators
- Improved Installation, Improved Force
and Improved Energy Efficiency

FlowCon International releases the new versions of FlowCon FT actuators, covering:

  • FlowCon FT.0.2 - 24V Thermal modulating, NC
  • FlowCon FT.0.3 - 230V Thermal ON/OFF, NC
  • FlowCon FT.0.4 - 24V Thermal ON/OFF, NC   

The introduction of the new and improved FlowCon FT actuator range is latest release with the aim to uniform our product offering.

The FlowCon FT actuator is not just similar to the remaining thermal actuators (FlowCon EV actuator range) in terms of appearance, but also in terms of mounting/dismantling procedure thanks to the updated snap ring and following introduction of automatic calibration inside the actuator (for modulating versions only). Simultaneously, the electronics have been 100% concealed inside the thermal drive creating a more robust design minimizing potential handling/installation issues.  

Further, the new FlowCon FT range has the following improved features: 

  • Higher Force, i.e. 125 N.
  • Energy consumption of only 1.2 Watt (45% savings).
  • Improved fit - Uniform mounting/removal procedure for all FlowCon thermal actuators.
  • First open position (this enables flow operation during construction, even when the wiring is not yet complete).
  • Built in Antitheft feature (FT.0.2) - (can be protected against unauthorized access by simply removing the locking latch).
  • Automatic stroke detection (FT.0.2) - calibration done automatically and not manually on snap ring.
  • 360° installation flexibility.
  • 100% splash proof (IP 54 rating).

The FlowCon FT actuators are suitable for the FlowCon Green PICV valve range. Part numbers and 2014 prices remain unchanged and all orders received as of today will be supplied with the new updated versions.